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Chapter 10 Assignment: Related Samples t Test  1. Provide two examples that you did not find in the book of when to use a related samples t test. 2. A major university would like to improve its tarnished image following a large oncampus scandal. Its marketing department develops a short television commercial and tests it on a sample of n = 7 subjects. People’s attitudes about the university are measured with a short questionnaire both before and after viewing the commercial. The data are as follows: Person X1 (Before) X2 (After) A 15 15 B 11 13 C 10 18 D 11 12 E 14 16 F 10 10 G 11 19 H 10 20 I 12 13 J 15 18 (a) Is this a within-subjects or a matched samples design? Explain your answer. (b) Conduct a hypothesis test (showing all the steps) to determine if the university should spend money to air the commercial (i.e., did the commercial improve the attitudes?) Assume an alpha level = 0.05. You may use SPSS. 3. For the sample difference scores below, determine if the sample differs from D = 0. Use alpha = 0.01.


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