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Write 3 page essay on the topic Films and the American History.From this paper it is clear that the United States of America under the presidency of George Bush had a major role in the Gulf War. In the movie, we see that Major Archie Gates and Chief Elgin cannot believe what the inhabitants go, though. They find out that the government incited the citizens to fight the rule of Saddam Hussein with a promise to support them. They later find out that the government did not give them the support they promised. The United States government is highly involved in the business in the Middle East. The new evidence of nonsupport from the government makes them think deeply about their role in the fight.As the discussion stresses the movie shows the weakness of the American president because the directors show the affair between Bill and Monica. The relationship is a depiction of real life events that occur in the real-time events. Historically, the United States and Britain fought each other during the American Revolution. On the other hand, during the World War, the nations were strong allies and the United States protects Britain. In addition to the World War, the two nations were strong allies during the Cold War and Gulf War. There are moments historically when the only superpower country to give United States support in the Iraq war was Britain.&nbsp.The relationship the two countries are strong, and both leaders work towards a general goal. The wives of both leaders also have a strong relationship showing that there is a special kind of relationship.


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