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Digital-Tech Inc., a specialized equipment manufacturer, uses a job order costing system.The overhead is allocated to jobs on the basis of direct labor hours. The overheadrate is now $2,500 per direct labor hour. The design engineer thinks that this is illogical.The design engineer has stated the following:Our accounting system doesn’t make any sense to me. It tells me that every labor hour carriesan additional burden of $2,500. This means that direct labor makes up only 7% of our total productcost, yet it drives all our costs. In addition, these rates give my design engineers incentives to“design out” direct labor by using machine technology. Yet, over the past years as we have had lessand less direct labor, the overhead rate keeps going up and up. I won’t be surprised if next year therate is $3,000 per direct labor hour. I’m also concerned because small errors in our estimates of thedirect labor content can have a large impact on our estimated costs. Just a 30-minute error in ourestimate of assembly time is worth $1,250. Small mistakes in our direct labor time estimates reallyswing our bids around. I think this puts us at a disadvantage when we are going after business.1. What is the engineer’s concern about the overhead rate going “up and up”?


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