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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Experience with Market Place Live. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Advertising- The Company had a small advertising budget because it wanted to keep its costs low. Having a low advertising budget led to the rejection of the company’s adverts by the International advertising federation. Had the advertising succeeded, the company would have sold more and even increased its market share from the current 38 percent. Sales team- The selected sales team was too small as compared to the demanding market in which the company operates. If the company had a stronger sales team, it could have sold more units and would have sold all the units as compared to the current situation where it had inventory left. The company should, therefore, focus on building a strong sales team both for the web and the sales office. Un-fulfilled demand- Dues to the small size of the company’s sales team. a situation which left the company with inventory totaling 400 as shown below. The figures above show that the demand per salesperson for Space-Age Technology was much higher as compared to other of its competitors. The sales team had to work three times harder than those of other companies. Cutting costs- The Company decided to cut costs by redesigning its brand of computers and invest more in areas that were thought would help the company grow. The company missed the opportunity to make money and increase its market share by using the competitors brand data in making its redesign decision. The redesign decisions that affected Space Age Technology are shown below.


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