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Write a 5 pages paper on carcinoma of the cervix or cervical cancer: the different factors affecting or causing the disease. One reason for factor is the infection of the Human Papilloma Virus. This means that factors that increase the woman’s risk of getting Human Papilloma Virus can also increase the risk of getting cancer. Also, intercourse without using contraceptives can add to the said risk, and this is along with having multiple sexual partners. Sex with a partner with penile warts can be one cause of spreading or worsening the situation. Mrs. Gillan, however, did not mention anything about the case of having penile warts from a partner but having several husbands could have caused the symptoms that she’s having. Precancerous changes and early cancers of the cervix generally do not cause pain or other symptoms. It is important not to wait to feel pain before seeing a doctor.When the disease gets worse, women may notice one or more of these symptoms:Abnormal vaginal bleeding—Bleeding that occurs between regular menstrual periods—Bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching, or a pelvic exam—Menstrual periods that last longer and are heavier than before—Bleeding after menopause• Increased vaginal discharge• Pelvic pain• Pain during sexual intercourseInfections or other health problems may also cause these symptoms. Only a doctor can tell for sure. A woman with any of these symptoms should tell her doctor so that problems can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.Smoking is also a big factor in acquiring cervical cancer. This is the reason why it is best to keep from smoking especially for women.If a woman has a symptom or Pap test results that suggest precancerous cells or cancer of the cervix, her doctor will suggest other procedures to make a diagnosis.These may include:• Colposcopy: The doctor uses a colposcope to look at the cervix. The colposcope combines a bright light with a magnifying lens to make tissue easier to see. It is not inserted into the vagina. A colposcopy is usually done in the doctor’s office or clinic.• Biopsy: The doctor removes tissue to look for precancerous cells or cancer cells. Most women have their biopsy in the doctor’s office with local anesthesia. A pathologist checks the tissue with a microscope.—Punch biopsy: The doctor uses a sharp, hollow device to pinch off small samples of cervical tissue.—LEEP: The doctor uses an electric wire loop to slice off a thin, round piece of tissue.—Endocervical curettage: The doctor uses a curette (a small, spoon-shaped instrument) to scrape a small sample of tissue from the cervical canal. Some doctors may use a thin, soft brush instead of a curette.—Conization: The doctor removes a cone-shaped sample of tissue. Conization, or cone biopsy, lets the pathologist see if abnormal cells are in the tissue beneath the surface of the cervix. The doctor may do this test in the hospital under general anesthesia. Conization also may be used to remove a precancerous area.Given the situation of Mrs. Gillam, what is important is to undergo PAP Smear because, through this screening test, doctors will be able to know how fast the disease could have spread and therefore she will be given the right dosage and the right medicine for the stage where she is currently in. But it should be noted that the process should be taken regularly for proper monitoring.


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