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Write a 15 pages paper on action to transform health care. Additionally, educational background along with lower income level of this segment of Montreal population often compels the indigenous groups to avail equal health care services. In this regard, a series of suggestive actions have been formulated that can increase the health care efficiency of the nursing institutions to protect health and wellbeing of the aboriginal members in the community. In this regard, changing and maintaining adequate compliance with the participation and accession of health care services can improve their process of protecting the wellness of the aboriginal groups. Furthermore, making continuous promotion of the health care facilities designed for the aboriginal groups along with improving the way of rehabilitation programs can also improve the current nursing trend in Montreal for the indigenous groups.In relation to the recent health care sector in Canada, a major development can be witnessed in terms of maintaining status and legitimacy in nursing of the community members. However, the health care sector of the nation is often alleged in terms of overlooking of conducting appropriate health and social care activities for the members especially the urban aboriginal groups. The aboriginal groups in the nations are subjected to face major disparities in terms of availing appropriate care, awareness and wellness programs to improve their health and wellbeing within the communities. Keeping with the changing notion in nursing practices, the primary objective of this research study is to bring a major understanding of the current nursing practice in Montreal Quebec, Canada. In this regard, the discussion of the report critically analyses discourses within the community regarding the status and legitimacy of aboriginals in the nursing sector.


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