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Can you answer questions 1&2? They were very confusing The Report of WenamunThis account describes the trip of the Egyptian Official Wena-mun to purchase Lebanese wood to make a large ceremonialHe placed my letter in the hand of his messenger ; andboat named Amen- user- he for the god Amen- Ra . It is un -he loaded the keel , the prow-piece , and the stern- piece ,known whether this text describes a real mission , but the texttogether with four other hewn logs , seven in all , and sentreflects the political and economic situation in the decadethem to Egypt . His messenger who had gone to Egypt re-from 1790 to 1780 B . C.E . Wenamun negotiated with the princeturned to me in Syria in the first month of winter , Smendesof Byblos , a Phoenician city-state in present-day Lebanon , forand Tentamun [ the pharaoh and queen of the northern halfthe timber , encountering great frustrations .of Egypt , Wenamun’s employers ] having sent : four jars andone kakmen- vessel of gold ; five jars of silver ; ten garments}| When morning came , he [ the prince of Byblos ] sentof royal linen ; ten … garments of fine linen ; five-hundredand brought me up …. Then he spoke to me , saying : " Onsmooth linen mats ; five-hundred ox- hides ; five-hundredwhat business have you come ? " I said to him : " I haveropes ; twenty sacks of lentils ; and thirty baskets of fish ….come in quest of timber for the great noble bark ofThe prince rejoiced . He assigned three hundred menAmen- Ra , King of Gods . What your father did , what theand three hundred oxen , and he set supervisors over themfather of your father did , you too will do it ." So I said toto have them fell the timbers . They were felled and theyhim . He said to me : " True , they did it . If you pay me forlay there during the winter . In the third month of summerthey !Y dragged them to the shore of the sea . The princedoing it , I will do it . My relations carried out this businesscame out and stood by them , and he sent to me , saying :"after Pharaoh had sent six ships laden with the goods of" Come ! " … As I stood before him , he addressed me , say-Egypt , and they had been unloaded into their store -ing : " Look , the business my fathers did in the past , I havehouses . You , what have you brought for me ? … What aredone it , although you did not do for me what your fathersthese foolish travels they made you do ? "did for mine . Look , the last of your timber has arrived andI said to him : " Wrong ! These are not foolish travels thatis ready . Do as I wish , and come to load it . " @2]I am doing . There is no ship on the river that does not be -long to [ the god] Amun . His is the sea and his the Lebanonof which you say , ‘ It is mine . ‘ It is a growing ground for [ theEVALUATE THE EVIDENCEceremonial ship called ] Amen-user-he , the lord of every1 . How does Wenamun first attempt to get the prince ofship . … You are prepared to haggle over the Lebanon withByblos to give him the timber ? What does the princeAmun , it’s lord ? As to your saying , the former kings sent sil -send in the first shipment ? Why does he eventuallyver and gold : If they had owned life and health , they wouldprovide more timber ?"not have sent these things . It was in place of life and health2 . How does Wenamun’s report reflect the decline ofthat they sent these things to your fathers ! But Amen – Ra ,Egyptian power and wealth ?"King of Gods , he is the lord of life and health , and he wasthe lord of your fathers ! They passed their lifetimes [ mak -Source : Miriam Lichtheim , Ancient Egyptian Literature : A Book of Readings , vol . 11 .ing]Q offering to Amun . You too , you are the servant ofThe New Kingdom ( Berkeley : University of California Press , 1976 ), pp. 226- 228.@ 2006 by the Regents of the University of California . Published by theAmun ! " ….University of California Press .ing and spread among common people as a practicalway to record things and communicate . Egyptian scribesThe HEDIGIVEand officials continued to use hieroglyphics , but theHow off the Hebrews create ell Grouting*Phoenicians adopted the simpler system for their own`GHglove weGlione*language and spread it around the Mediterranean . TheGreeks modified this alphabet and then used it to writetheir own language , and the Romans later based their*The legacy of another people who took advantage ofalphabet – the script we use to write English today -Egypt’s collapse to found an independent state mayon Greek . Alphabets based on the Phoenician alphabethave been even more far-reaching than that of thewere also created in the Persian Empire and formed thePhoenicians . For a period of several centuries , a peoplebasis of Hebrew , Arabic , and various alphabets ofknown as the Hebrews controlled first one and thenSouth and Central Asia . The system invented by ordi -two small states on the western end of the Fertile Cres -mary people and spread by Phoenician merchants is thecent , Israel and Judah . Politically unimportant whenorigin of most of the world’s phonetic alphabets today .compared with the Egyptians or Babylonians , the


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