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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses understanding of physiology of language and the effects of brain. Language impairment is characterized by deficits in vocabulary, grammatical, morphology, semantics, and syntactic. Children with developmental disorders of language have also been shown to have poor phonological memory skills (Adams and Gathercole). The ability to talk, listen, write, and read is very important as it ensures that discoveries and knowledge accumulated by one generation are passed on to the next generation (Laura).Understanding of physiology of language has been achieved through observing the effects of brain lesions on other peoples’ behavior and also through studies done using imaging techniques. Aphasia is the most common speech disorder which is caused by brain damage and is characterized by difficulties in speech production or understanding. Neurobiology of language development is a function of the left cerebral part of the brain (Neville and Bavelier). The left hemisphere consists of parts such as Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area, and also angular gyrus. This does not mean that the right hemisphere does not have a role to play in language development, asdamage of the right hemisphere of the brain leads to difficulties in reading maps, seeing spatial relations, recognizing complex geometrical forms, problems associated with recognizing narrative, collecting and assembling what they won’t say (Laura). The right hemisphere is also involved in the expression and recognition of emotion in one’s tone. Therefore, both hemispheres are important in language development (Laura. Neville and Bavelier).Broca’s region which is the inferior frontal lobe is important in planning and executing speech. Its damage and the surrounding regions of the frontal lobe and the subcortical white matter leads to disrupted speaking ability and it causes a condition called aphasia, a disorder which is characterized by slow, laborious, and nonfluent speech. A person with this disorder has thoughts to express but the frontal lobe damage makes it difficult to articulate them. Such people find it difficult to say some words (function words) such as a the, in, about and they find it easy to say the word which conveys information (content word) such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.


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