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Write a 3 pages paper on weekly journal. The support Stephen Curry got from his parents cannot be over emphasized as they always wanted him to excel. Stephen Curry was one of the best shooters and a basketball player and only came second to the best (ESPN, 2014). In 2008, Curry suffered a chronic right ankle problem that saw him stay out for two seasons. Curry missed close to 48 games and underwent two surgeries and after six months of rehabilitation, he came back to the game. Stephen Curry as depicted in the movie is a family man with a wife and a daughter. Stephen Curry is a superstar and one of the best basketball players (ESPN, 2014).I found this documentary interesting because it demonstrated how passion and talent can drive an individual to greater heights in sports. Consequently, the movie is a classic manifestation that dreams can come true, but one must have self-belief and determination to achieve something in life. Success is not given but earned, and this sentiment is inherently furthered in the movie. Being a superstar gives an individual limelight and a level of publicity that cannot be overemphasized. Stephen Curry could only be compared to a rock star. Injuries can affect an individuals performance in any sporting activity, and it requires determination and resilience to come back to fitness after a long spell out of the game.The chapter is a demonstration that being a hero is not the preserve of anybody. Essentially, the chapter puts into perspective the essence of preparing before taking part in any activity. Planning is critical for individual success. The search for heroism is determined by how the mysteries of a mans soul are initiated in different spheres of life. An individual is the custodian of own destiny and whatever happens directly affects the relevance of a heroic moment in a persons life.The essence of the text is personal life transformation through various activities of critical significance.


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