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Due in 8hourOne page Post about the country post of Lebanon EVERY blog post needs to: (1) have at least one (more is better!) hyperlink to a related, outside source/story (needs to open up in a new window); (2) have at least one (more is better!) high-quality image related to the post; (3) have appropriate headings (for cases: Summary-Issue/Problem-Alternative Solutions-Recommended Action-Personal Takeaway, and for current events: Summary-Tie to Class-Personal Reaction); (4) use at least 4-size font; (5) not be right justified; and (6) since it is a relatively lasting digital artifact with your name on it, it should be nice to look at, easy to read, and contain no writing, grammar, or spelling errors.  Read the PPT Slide. It is culture Blogpost. After the Initial Post, I will send the post of other students. so You can reply.


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