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Post final of your proposal for final projects and annotated sources 1000 words only for both sources provided below. what did they say about Brokeback mountain?Use the sources belowFor the movie brokeback mountain and short novelfocus on Brokeback mountain under below link.1) Fuller, Karla Rae., and Fuller, Karla Rae. Ang Lee?: Interviews . Jackson, [Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi, 2016. Print.  2)Nayar, Sheila J. “A Good Man Is Impossible to Find: Brokeback Mountain as Heteronormative Tragedy.” Sexualities 14.2 (2011): 235–255. Web.  Just to give you idea how to right see belowSample topics (not comprehensive, just some starting ideas): in this caseBrokeback mountainfollow this steps-Comic Books/Graphic Novels: How do these types of films appeal to viewers through serialization? How do they translate camera angels, filters, and other visual film styles into animation?Novels to film: How does an adaptation adapt a full-length novel into a 2 hour visual experience? What stays or gets lots? How doe sthe adaptation use memory on film, space/time on film, method acting or another style we have studied?Short story to film: How does a specific adaptation develop a full-length film out of a short story? How do characters or space evolve? What scenes demonstrate that visual adaptations are a different work of art than a narrative driven version?Othello/Twelfth Night/Taming of the Shrew (any Shakespeare film): How do adaptations use Shakespeare to appeal to a mass audience? How does one specific “teen Shakespeare” adaptation work?Non-fiction to film: How do “real” events get placed into a narrative frame? John Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Ridley Scott/Mark Bowden’s Blackhawk Down, or Cheryl Strayed/Reese Witherspoon’s Wild are good examples of this genre.


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