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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on SEC FILING REPORT (TARGET Corporation). It needs to be at least 1500 words.tities considering the balances of the company after the elimination of subsidiaries and intercompany balances and transaction (“Target Corporation – Annual Report 2013” 33). It make use of consolidate variable estimates as the basis for Corporation’s to determine primary benefits from the entities.3. It explains about the division of fiscal year on the basis of seasonal changes in the business that the company considers in the preparation of the financial statement(“Target Corporation – Annual Report 2013” 40).The company makes use of Last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory to determine the cost to retail ratio of the merchandise. The company estimates the costs of the inventory on the amount that are paid to the suppliers including the freight and other delivery costs incurred for the distribution. However, the valuation of the inventory is adjusted regularly on the basis of market conditions and historical data that lower the cost of the market (“Target Corporation – Annual Report 2013” 40). The inventory is reduced considering the market conditions and shrink estimates determined from historical losses in order to determine customer preference, consumer demand, change in consumer credit market and increase in the competition that influence potential risk for the estimation of inventory.The company offers pension and postretirement healthcare plan benefits and other funded qualified and non-funded qualified pension plan for its employees. The company determines the costs of pension plan on the basis of actuarial calculations varying on the eligibility and level of benefits related to the expenses of this plan (“Target Corporation – Annual Report 2013” 40). the benefits of the pension plans varies with the age and services circumstances of the employees that is dependent on the eligibility and contribution of the employee, measured on the basis of the period of service of employee. The discount rates are used to determine benefits for the


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