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Write 2 page essay on the topic Movie relationship with book.He created the ICAIC, which was a film office officially managed by the government. Many of the Cuban farmers were illiterate and television was not a part of their lives. Fidel decided that film production would be the best way to educate the country on the dramatic transformation related to the revolution.However, Cuba’s film industry was relatively insignificant unlike Argentina and Mexico. The new office needed to learn a lot before production (Chanan, 5). During this time, the USSR was providing film production support under Prime Minister Khrushchev for any friendly countries to the principles of Communism. This is how the relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union in film production evolved. During this time, the United States had isolated the Cuban government in the event of the missile crisis. Cuban post-revolutionary cinema shows how filmmaking in the country is hardly ever automatic and predictable. The United States tried to isolate Cuba for almost two decades by imposing a cultural and economic barrier. However, the Cuban cinema continued to succeed in breaching the cultural block to emphasize their creative energy and political integrity (Chanan, 7).The ‘Soy Cuba’ film did not have any English subtitles. What captured the attention of many was its amazing cinematography. The techniques of the camera used at the time shocked many reviewers because they resembled those of the steadicam before its emergence. The beauty of the film lies in the idiosyncratic mise en scene and camera acrobatics (Chanan, 21). The director shot some of the scenes close to the actors, while they avoided any direct focus with the camera. The movement of the camera to produce wide-angle shots gives the film great scenes and an outlook on the revolution. The director also divided the story into four sections to capture different perspectives.The director was a soviet and had


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