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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic The Death and Life of Great American Cities(Urban Planning).The planning system began from the city of Howard Garden. She says that the method was suitable for small towns for those who were only interested in the planning of their lives. She continues to state that some monuments that were place in the cities were only made to beautify them and gather them as a single entity.The second concocted system is the Le Corbusier form of a luminous capital (Jacobs). The model constitute of a huge stories and flats building in a single place. She acknowledges that the models were inappropriate, and therefore she decides to come up with ideas that can be used to design better cities in the country.Jacobs starts by explaining the importance and the use of the sidewalk that lacked in the housing policy. The first importance is that the sidewalk can be used for safety. Given that the main roads may have some first moving cars, pedestrians can use the sidewalk which is a small path on the side of the road for their safety. Sidewalk, according to Jacobs can be used for contact and assimilation. Children require to be assimilated to the city order whilst they are young (Jacobs). They will be able to know the rules that govern both the pedestrians and the drivers via observation from the sidewalk.Jacobs continues to explain that safety in the street should be viewed from the city buildings. According to her, will enhance both the safety of the ramblers and the motorists (Jacobs). The contact will be improved as the people walk by the building side. they will become familiar to one another. The familiarity will improve trust among the pedestrians and the owners of the stores or the buildings. There will also be an enhancement in the business sector as the pedestrians will give the price reports to the owners of the stores. The children as said will benefit not only by learning but also by the presence of parks that will ensure their safety. The safety will include the protection from the


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