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can someone help me, i need the formulas for all the blanks, i have the answers i just dont know which formulas to put in excel Only cells within the table should be used; no extra cells should be used or added to help with the calculations. Fill in all of the blue cells.Calculate the cost of shipping and fill from cell J4 to J103. Calculate the subtotal excluding tax and fill from cell K4 to K103. Calculate the subtotal including tax and fill from cell L4 to L103. Calculate the number of units sold in cell O10.Calculate the closing inventory in cell O10. Calculate the number of days of sales in cell O13.Calculate the average units sold per day in cell O14. Calculate the estimated days of inventory left in cell O15.Calculate the total sales for units excluding tax in cell O17.Calculate the total shipping charges excluding tax in cell O18.Calculate the average shipping cost per order in cell O19. Calculate the total lax collected in cell O21.Calculate the total amount collected in cell O22. Below are screenshots of what the completed spreadsheet should look like. Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Attachment 5Attachment 6Attachment 7Attachment 8NOPDO YOU A W NCostUnit Price22.99Base Shipping5Extra Shipping /UnitTax (for all orders)0.13Inventory9Opening Inventory:43210Number of Units Sold:11Closing Inventory:12Days13Number of days of sales:14Average Units Sold per day:15Estimated days of Inventory left:16Sales17Total Sales for units (excl. tax)18Total Shipping charges: (excl. tax)19Average Shipping cost per order:20Total21Total Tax collected:22Total Amount collected:


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