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Prepare a research paper on any topic related to the China Youth Cultures based on one academic journal article (minimum 8 pages) you read (Minimum 1500 words, double spaces, Size 12, include the references/sources.)  There is a very distinct difference between what Turnitin flags as matching text (aka: similarity index) and plagiarism. Turnitin will highlight (in different colors) ANY matching material in a paper—even if it is properly quoted and cited.Again, your work needs to presented and referenced correctly.Use your good judgment! Do not copy the words or ideas of others!In your Turnitin Originality Report, check to make sure that:• When quoted text matches the original source exactly word-for-word, you put the quote in quotation marks and cite the original source correctly with the page number for the quotation.• When you paraphrase or summarize ideas or facts from a source, you use your own words to explain those ideas or report those facts.• You correctly cite the source for each idea or fact that you obtained from another source (whether or not it is an exact quotation).• You revise and restate in your own words all phrases that match more than a few (3 or 4) words in a source.Conclusion:There is no straight forward answer to the question: ‘What percentage of my assignment can match with other sources?’ This decision is made on a number of factors and a Turnitin Originality Report forms just one part of this decision making process. Your instructor will look at the paper and the originality report to make the determination of whether or not something is plagiarism, and to what extent, i.e., intentional plagiarism, unintentional plagiarism, improper/lack of citation, or mere coincidence.


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