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Part one5 slides of informationTopic: How HR can help the Company and its Employees during a Global PandemicWhat to do for Employees regarding Time Off and Work Requirements during a Stay Home OrderHow to assist the Company with Scheduling and the Lack of Work during a downturn in businessSpecific HR strategies (not Operations, not Finance or any other department, I do not care about them)Slide 6 should have references to any articles, documents or studies you have mentioned in your materialThis is NOT Your Opinion; this needs to be factual and practical information and solutionsSlides need to be engaging; not just text but also graphics (charts, tables, visuals)Slides should not be over-saturated with informationSlides should clearly explain what your solution/suggestion is (I’m not going to guess what you are trying to say, ain’t nobody got time for dat)Part two: Under the current environment, with a Global Pandemic requiring many employees to Stay at Home, how should HR deal with remote work and what is needed for those employees whose jobs simply cannot be done from home?


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