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Write a 5 page essay on Modern variations of the Panopticon.Bentham first introduced this theory. His idea is that a panopticon involves a situation where the observed internalizes the presence of an unseen observer. The observed then enforces those rules via a psychological self-policing process. The observer develops a hidden power over the observed persons both consciously and subconsciously. Therefore, they have the ability to gain control of the behavior of the observed. A good representation of Bentham’s idea of panopticon, as presented in the essay, is the panopticon prison. In this disciplinary facility, prisoners are always within the view of the observer who hides in the tower, which controls their behavior. The panopticon idea is both ancient and modern, since it can be applied in modern lifestyles and situations, like internet browsing. The essay also describes the idea of power as shown in the control of internet browsing. The general ideas presented all show that the panopticon idea is applicable in modern life.The idea of the panopticon entirely depends on the psychology of the persons being observed. It is just another proof of the wonders of mind power. It can achieve more than any other known means. This is because it does not provide temporary solutions and measures. It corrects the behavior of the individual, right from his/her attitude. It shows that the knowledge and acknowledgement of a higher authority can be used to achieve more than it has done in the past. This is because the idea has been applied, with desirable results. Therefore, it is easy to control the behavior of people, if there is a higher authority that can enforce rules. This has high relevance in the management of behaviors on the internet.The heart of the panopticon is the internalization of a power mechanism on the part of the observed, in a system designed in such a way that the observed knows that he is perennially under watch, and where the observer is forever hidden from view


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