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I will pay for the following essay Cite at least one example in which your leadership impacted or changed a difficult professional situation. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.I proposed to implement the content management system. The employees of the organization were not trained sufficiently for the use of the new system and they were used to the old system that they were using.As a consultant for an executive search firm Korn/Ferry Leadership & Talent Consulting, I work directly with leaders for implementing decisions taken by the management of the organization. The organization develops its own proprietary technology platform that is licensed to clients. It enables clients via the web to assess their employees (self and manager), performance appraisals, technical skills, allow managers to propose compensation and HR to identify key positions for succession planning.The organizational tasks are quite many in number and there are requirements for management of information. Due to the bulky information in manual form, the organization was facing problem in the management of data. My proposal of implementation of content management system for the management of information was welcomed by the leadership. However, the employees were not fully in favour of the change because of their limited knowledge.For enabling our staff to make use of the new content management system, training program was organized by the management. Due to the training program, the employees were enabled to make use of the new system. Due to the implementation of the system, the organization was quite accommodated in terms of management of data and information.The ill management of data was creating problems for the organization in terms of its daily task performance. After implementation of the content management system, the organization was able to settle all the problems concerning data control and management. The change from manual management to computer management system came into the organization because of my leadership and also, it


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