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what is the poH?will the reaction precipitate, calculate the concentration of all species in solution2. The solubility of o-nitrophenol in water is 2.1g/L. What is the pOH of a saturated aqueous solution?OHOoNO2NO2H20OO’HKa= 6.0 X10-8Extra credit: 5 pts eachIf in the following reaction: Ag2CO3 (s) – 2Ag* (aq) + CO32- (aq), Q = Ksp, and we added AgNO3 (the mostsoluble form of Ag) will the reaction precipitate?* Increased difficulty. What is the pH of the buffer 0.1M NaHPO4 / 0.1 M KHPO4? Calculate theconcentration of all species in solution.


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