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Hi, I need help with essay on The ObamaCare: A Disincentive to Work. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The ‘ObamaCare healthcare scheme was designed to bring radical reforms, but other quarters saw it as a plan to de-motivate people from working.Obamacare is meant at assisting the underinsured to get insurance. &nbsp. However, with this type of plan everybody would have health insurance despite of income, or anything that would hinder an individual from reaching the health insurance. &nbsp. The Affordable Care Act is a located in U.S. frees health policy. &nbsp. All through a series of expansion of the numerous laws that together cover the federal legal structure for the U.S. health-care structure, the Act set up the basic legal protections that up to date has been absent. &nbsp. A near-universal promise of access to affordable health insurance treatment, from birth up to retirement (Rosenbaum, pg, 5. 2010) Obamacare is a name give to critics of President Obamas hard work to reform health care. It is a general term used to depict the Patient Protection as well as Affordable care Act of the year 2010. ObamaCare control a lot of benefits, especially for low and the middle-income families and working areas. The “ObamaCare” has Pros as well as Cons that boil down to its existence. Using the frames mentioned earlier with cartoons, I’m going to create and make an assertion that may possibly seem utterly absurd,”The enactment of Obamacare may have been good news to the American citizens’. I’m not advocating Obamacare to being a good policy, but what I am saying is that, although the Cartoon perceives Obamacare to be a paradigm that shifts change in the healthcare system, it is just another layer of bad policy on top of lots of other bad policies as it may later turn out to be a key political mistake for the left, one that set the stage for sweeping free and open market reforms.The first picture (frame) “ObamaCare” is used to describe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). In America, the term is popularly


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