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Write a 5 page essay on Public Relation & Media Campaign.en a greater demand of the firefighters in the society today, such as the medical emergencies, dangerous material accidents, wildfires and terrorist attacks. Therefore with the increase in the role of firefighters it is important that they act in making their life safer and dealing with their task as expected to save lives.The heritage program has designed the ‘Bucket Brigade’ to the firefighter’s employees so as to improve the efficiency of the fire departments in the community. The program further chooses particular communities around the nation to create a significant grant program for the department of fire and other organization in the community. The fireman’s Fund through the Heritage program avails various equipment to firefighters such as protective attires and fire shelters that can be used in case the fire is so wild. They also provide breathing apparatus that are self- contained in case of smoke- filled structures. They also offer a thermal imaging camera that the firefighters can use to see the smoke. The program is very relevant to the fire fighter’s employees because some of the equipment’s that the program provides are so expensive yet very essential even to the individual’s life. When the employee enters the heritage program, the effectiveness of dealing with any emergency case will be enhanced since almost all the fighters will be having the required apparatus to deal with the emergencyThe communication plan will be important to the influencer’s because it will lay down the ultimate goal of Frito-Lay which is to maintain the customer’s loyalty and improve the reputation of the business. Moreover in giving the statement of purpose it will ensure that the customers of Frito- Lay understand that the products of the business are not junk- food as perceived. It will be important in changing the behavior of the customers. Another element of the communications strategy is the analysis of the current situation of Frito- Lay. Such


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