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I will pay for the following article Technical Proposal for an Architectual Small ompany. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. ers of the small architectural company, it should establish certain technological IT solutions along with both hardware and software equipments to communicate with them working in the offsite. The company would entail these particular requirements in order to establish communication facilities with the architects and the architectural engineers for the sake of maintaining a smooth flow of business operations. An efficient flow of information through proper communication channels plays a crucial part in any business organisation. It makes easier to convey any sort of messages, helps to get the work done more efficiently developing a particular idea to be made aware for the participants. Moreover, a perfect as well as an adequate communication often leads toward avoiding any misunderstandings, raises the efficiency of the organisation and ultimately enhances the satisfaction of the workforce (Singla, 2009). After acquiring a brief idea regarding the importance of communication in business organisations, this plan will chiefly be based upon the requirement of the communication facilities between the staffs and the senior officials of the small architectural company. In order to fulfil the requirement of the communication facilities, the small architectural company would have to purchase a few number of desktop computers accompanied with latest operating and software application programs. In addition, apart from these basic equipment requirements, the company also requires a medium of internet for emailing so that it would be convenient to create an efficient communicating network in the workforce, especially with the architects and the architectural engineers of the company working offsite.


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