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Use the block diagram of a dip-slip fault below to address the following questions (note that the fault is show in bold black, and offsets the layers; the red line is there to show you what vertical is):What is the strike direction for all of these beds, North-to-South or East-to-West?Is the block on the right of the diagram the hanging wall or footwall?Which type of dip-slip fault is this?Which type of stress causes this fault, tensional, compressional, or shear?At which plate boundary are these faults most common, divergent, convergent or transform?Figure 11.9Attachment 1Attachment 2FIGURE I1. 9 The different categories of faults .Dip- slip faultsHanging wall upHETging WE’ll downREVERSE LETEED ELODIE!Thrust IJEnt’s Sloppy!`HangingwallAn undeformed block;LIEfore faulting*FestivE!16) Displacement an & IFHE’D fault is FIETallel to the fault’s ELODIELeft-laterE!Strike – slip faultsRight- lateralDIED ELEMENTDisplaceITIEntWeathered fault EVERYZip line*16) Displacement on & striker slip fault moves and black horizontally withHalf arrows indicate*TEEFFECT to the Other . There is no up-and- down .nation.the SENSE of Elip .Oblique- slipHangingHEVETEE FILE LEFTlateral diED aCEMENTfaultsHormel plus. night -wall blacklatarEl VISpilEZZITentFact wall black*Call The black of crust Etave & nan- vertical faultis the hanging well, whereEs the black below is*the frontwall .` ] CHIEFlaCENTIEnt on an OthquErslip fault combines Jorslip and ELIKE- E.`THEPlacement LINE black manEE diagonally relative to the other .


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