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You will prepare and submit a term paper on See requirements. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. llying with his wife lovingly during their separation on raising a son just like his father who wanted to get rid of the suitors who harassed his life and mothers life and wifes life, Odysseus has lead the life of a Greek warrior who believed that fighting wars is just a manner of appreciating the powers given to man by the gods and a way of showing himself that he lead the life of a decent man who showed perfect control of his lifes wisdom of existence and mentality, although the gods did not appreciate his believing that he had won the wards because he was fit to and not because he was backed up by the gods. The adventure is a way of saying to him that giving up in front of unjust gods would lead humanity to suffering. This is the case that portrayed the adventures he went through to his home from Troy. He lived and was alone for the rest of the journey since he left the oceans which killed his friends and warriors at sea by sea monsters, Odysseus grows to appreciate his life more throughout the journey as he knows that his wife and son are awaiting him, which is a way of believing in the reason to exist and appreciate ones own intellectual powers to face his own fate even if it means standing up in front of gods who do not appreciate mans believing in himself and his own freely willed powers of himself which are given to him by them and that they had nothing to do with his victories. Odysseus proves throughout the journey that madness is not in going to hell to ask for directions to find his way homewards with a sacrificial goat for the dead but in not taking such a step to free men who had nothing to do with the fate he had been put in but because of a personal opinion he has given which has put him in the fate and put others fates in his hands.


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