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help wantedted//??? GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR THE S&R PAPERS  Have the title and the author of the paper in the heading like the example below. You need three subheadings (in bold) thesis, summary and response. In each portion you are to write in distinct ways. The thesis is one or two sentences capturing the general theme of the reading. The second part is the summary. Here you simply summarize the author’s main points. No editorializing at this point. Just paraphrase what the author told us. Include only two underlined, direct quotes form the reading. The response is where you make your points and relate the reading to the ideas and terms your learning from the Openstax text book. You must tie in at least four terms/concepts from the text within your response to receive credit.  follow this format precisely, S&R papers are 350 and 475 words in length. (use word count)   SUBMITTED BY: (Your name) S&R #1 Submitted On: 1/30/12  “The Beauty Myth”, by W. Wolf (Title & Author)  Thesis: Sexism and prejudicial ideas regarding women and beauty do damage to women and men by objectifying women, showing them as controlled and erotic which precludes a truly loving, egalitarian connection between the genders. Also emphasized is the institutional nature of sexism and its relationship to capitalism, the family, and media.  Summary: The author describes “beauty pornography”; the practice of portraying women as sexually stimulated, and often as headless, body parts. Always erotically posed, often within a sadomasochistic context, these images are designed to teach women “that no matter how assertive they are in the world, their passive submission to control is what makes her desirable.” The author further explores the officially enforced double standard regarding nakedness in mainstream culture. She argues that women’s breasts while highly eroticized and considered private and regarded as a type of genitalia, is regularly displayed and considered “not as naked” as showing penises or vaginas. She argues “women’s breasts then correspond to men’s penises, as a vulnerable ‘sexual flower’ on the body, so that to display the former and conceal the latter makes women’s’ bodies vulnerable while men’s’ is protected. Unequal nakedness almost always expresses power relations.” She feels that this eroticizing the degradation of women is a type of backlash against women’s recent self-accretions and a way to keep men and women apart. She also suggests that if men and women really loved one another in a egalitarian, and erotic way that men might begin to really include women and women’s perspectives in business and government. If men really loved women as they were, without the beauty myth, the cosmetics industry, weight loss industry and fashion industry would take a huge hit in profit margins. Further the pornography and sports car industry would also be disabled without the lonely, disconnected, superficiality that dominates modern, urban social/sexual life.  Response/Synthesis: (minimally, 1/3 of your paper) this is your unique “take” on the reading. It should be more than a reiteration of the author’s points. In fact there should be nothing in this section but your thoughts and ideas along with the concepts and terms we’re learning from the Openstax text book. Highest grades earned will demonstrate the student’s ability to apply the terms and concepts from the text book in the response section of this S&R essay. In addition to relating the reading to our text, you should take what has been said by the author (1), and add some new connection or twist to the discussion (1+).  Examples might include any one of the following:  A question not yet raised is………….or  A prescription / solution not yet proposed is……or A personal anecdote regarding my learning experience is….. or A related or contributing problem not yet discussed is ….. etc. Be creative by using your sociological imagination. Critical thinking requires thinking outside the box. This example is 512 words.  Attachment 1Attachment 2Stanford Prison ExperimentThesisThe Stanford Prison Experiment identifies detainment facilities is another matter. In spiteof the fact that abuse of detainees without a doubt happens the whole…


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