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Participate in class Discussion via iLearn forums: Complete Textbook (Problems & Applications) & post online. Chapter 9 – Answer Question #5 p.305     5. Visit a supermarket and observe the people who staff the checkouts. (a)  What kind of skills do people who do this job need to have? (b)  How many customers per hour are they capable of ‘processing’? (c)  What opportunities exist for job enrichment in this activity? (d)  How would you ensure motivation and commitment among the staff who do this job?  Chapter 10 – Answer Question #4 p.348-349     4.For the problem above, what is the loading on Marie, Willy and Silvie? If all the jobs have to be finished within two days, how much extra time must each of them work? Step 1 – Make a list of all the jobs you have to do in the next week. Include in this list jobs relating to your work and/or study, jobs relating to your domestic life, in fact all the things you have to do.Step 2 – Prioritize all these jobs on a ‘most important’ to ‘least important’ basis. Step 3 – Draw up an outline schedule of exactly when you will do each of these jobs.Step 4 – At the end of the week compare what your schedule said you would do with what you actually have done. If there is a discrepancy, why did it occur?Step 5 – Draw up you own list of planning and control rules from your experience in this exer- cise in personal planning and control.


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