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Compose a 250 words essay on Explain briefly what and how local Community Justice Panel work. Needs to be plagiarism free!The panel is ‘facilitated by a criminal justice professional. attendance is voluntary and they are only used where the offending parties admit culpability’ (Rogers, 2005).The panel comprises of neighbors, families of victim and offenders along with community volunteers who develop and monitor the reform process or probation sentence for 90 days. The most distinct feature of the community justice system is that it is represented by two parties, mostly families and acquaintances of victim and offenders who admit to the culpability of crime. With the help of local government and voluntary bodies, a board of three to six members from community is formed that mediates and conciliates to evolve probation sentence that is acceptable to all. The panel takes up low risk, non violent cases of anti social behavior which are addressed with the major aim to reformation through proactive participation of public. This greatly promotes responsive behavior and addresses the need to ensure that justice is done


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