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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Marxist Approach. It needs to be at least 3000 words. What is forgotten is the communist government of Russia was only influenced by Marxs theories as interpreted by Lenin. This essay will examine using the Marxist approach to the study of politics and policy: It will also explain why this approach does not constitute the mainstream approach to studies of politics and policyThe first myth about Marxism is that all communist countries follow Marx’s theories explicitly. This is absolutely not true. First, a definition of Marxism is required. Marx exposed a few basic concepts, not just relating to politics. A few concepts are:1) Mode of production- Mode of production is productive forces like human labor, equipment, buildings, technologies, tools, relations between social classes, and anything that produces work or an outcome.3) Superstructure- The superstructure is at the top of the base. The superstructure is a social ideology. A society ideology includes political, legal, and religious systems. The base creates the superstructure. The base and superstructure have a dialectical relationship.5) Ideology- Because a ruling or elite class dictates society’s means of production, it also dictates society’s superstructure. The superstructure reflects the ruling class’s interests, not society as a whole. This makes societal ideology vital because a false consciousness can be formed or confusion of minority groups, like the false notion that labor is capital.6) Political economy- Political economy, at first, meant the study of production conditions of new capitalist systems. Then the political economy started studying the workings of human activity in organizing material, plus the mechanism of distributing excess or handling the deficit result. This study includes looking at production and capital, and how this is transformed into economic activity.7) Historical materialism- Historical materialism was never a termed used by Marx, but formed because of his theories and writing. Basically historical materialism is the study into causes of changes and developments in societies concerning the way humans collectively make the means to live through economic and every aspect of the economic base. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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