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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Aspects of Running with Scissors. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The Running With Scissors film’s storyline unfolds with the character lacking a standard household unit (Roeper 2006). Before the divorce, Burroughs’ parents still fought frequently and even physically. Moving to the house of his mother’s psychiatrist proves that the divorce did not change anything as Burroughs’ parents continue fighting although it came as a relief for him. Burroughs sees his parents’ divorce as an opportunity to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, this fresh beginning does not come to fruition as Burroughs learns that Dr. Finch’s family is possibly as dysfunctional as his own is. For instance, Burroughs learns that the Finches interact in insulting and selfish manners that involved a great deal of shouting (Murphy and Burroughs 2006). No one in Dr. Finch’s house ever takes responsibility for virtually anything and often blame mishaps on each other.Despite two dysfunctional families, Burroughs fits in (Kochis n.d.). For example, Dr. Finch’s daughters scare him at first because of their intimidating demeanor and ways of interaction. However, down the road, the daughters become close peers with Burroughs (Murphy and Burroughs 2006). This outcome teaches Burroughs that abnormality or abnormal backgrounds are the common grounds he has with the Finches. The film shows Burroughs’ development of the feeling that a standard, functional family could not know how to deal with matters such as homosexuality or a mother with a psychological condition. These lessons are what Burroughs got from living with the Finches that he appears to value very much, which is understandable considering he had a sense of belonging he lacked at his original home.The relationship between Burroughs and his parents is equally dysfunctional and poor (Scott 2006). Norman, Burroughs’ father, is an alcoholic who only uses the time for taking out the trash to bond with his son. Evidently, Burroughs’ parents have a very poor relationship with their children that is caused mostly by inadequate bonding time. Instead of interacting with her children, Burroughs’ mother, Deirdre, focuses intensely on her confessional poetry. In the process, Deirdre unknowingly invests excess time, emotional, and physical resources in her poetry (Kochis n.d.).


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