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I will pay for the following essay Power and Overconfident Decision-making. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Klayman, J., Soll, J seems to be agreeing with the point of view. In his book “Overconfidence. It depends on how what, and whom you ask. Organizational Behavior and Human” he states social and political power as one of the factors that play the key role in leading to over confidence.May 2010 – Research from the University of Texas at Austin published in the online edition of “Judgment and Decision Making” that when individuals with strong social background and hold over a certain group of people are faced with making a choice that could result in short-term reward or longer-term benefit, those provided with complete information about the options tend to opt for the quick result .October 2007 – Research from Indiana University published in the Journal of “Consumer Research” found that while we tend to believe that we are capable of forming independent opinions, what other people think can influence our conclusions, with negative attitudes resulting in the biggest changes. This over confidence can lead to major disasters some times.Lammers, J., Galinsky, A. D., Gordijn, E. H., &Otten, S. (2008). Illegitimacy moderates the effects of power on approach. This power is of emotional influence mainly.March 2009 – Research from Northwestern University published online in “Nature Neuroscience” offers electrophysiological evidence that decisions thought to be based on guesswork or ‘gut feelings’ may actually draw on valid memories that cannot be consciously accessed.


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