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BIOL 1001 week 1 Osmosis Lab ReportOsmosis Lab ReportName:  Date:  August 31, 2019Purpose: To apply the scientific method to observe and report on the process of osmosis. De-shelled eggs are to investigate the effect of osmosis in cells in different solutions.Directions: Please read the Osmosis Lab instructions fully before beginning your experiment. Also read the text book passages related to osmosis before filling out the report. Use this report form to record your predictions, observations, analysis and conclusions. Please leave the report prompts intact and simply type your responses under each prompt. Because this report form is standard, Turnitin will flag it with a large overlap score- do not concern yourself with this issue for this report.Expected Observations (3 points)Reflect on your readings related to osmosis and cell membranes. Consider the three solutions in which you will immerse eggs. Briefly explain what you think you will happen to the different eggs under the different conditions. Be as specific and as detailed as possible. Use the understanding of osmosis that you have developed from reading the text.


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