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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Criminology 3001 Assesment 3.The fundamental benefits of community policing is that it provides mobility to the law enforcement agencies to respond to criminal complaints, increase positive attitudes towards police, and reduce fears of crime (Anderson 2005). What interests this researcher is the fact that in a country where 60 police officers are entrusted with 1000 serious reported crimes (Billante 2003),community policing seems to be an ideal solution to increase police vigilance and strength at a minimal cost to the government.Experts are of the view (Grabosky 2009. Hodgson 1998. Mukherjee and Graycar 1997) that community policing is an effective method for responding to the community’s needs for security, crime deterrence and peace keeping. It involves programmes which encourage members of the community to participate actively on behalf of the police in crime detection and prevention as well as maintenance of public order. Yet, there has been little research carried out to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of community policing. The purpose of the following proposal is to evaluate whether there is a need for investigating it in terms of value of community contribution, impact on police efficiency, cost of implementing community policing systems, and most importantly reduction in crime rates.How effective are the different types of community policing programmes, especially in addressing modern crime and disorder situations like terrorism and delinquent behaviours in the marginalised communities?2.2. A combination of theoretical exploration, interviews and evaluation shall enable the researcher to study the efficacy and effectiveness of community policing, the gaps therein in its implementation, and hopefully present radical solutions to the justice system, crime prevention departments, citizens community, and criminology academia.The key objective to policing is


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