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Write 3 page essay on the topic MINE KAFON.This toys would at time get lost, or get blown away to the desert among the land mines. It would be too dangerous to get them back. The landmines would often cause accidents and fatal injuries to kids that would go play near them.Mine Kafon is a device almost the height of a man. The devise has weight of approximately seventeen kilograms.It has got an iron case which is surrounded by lots radiating bamboo legs. Each of this has a circular plastic float at their tipping.Inside the Mine Kafon there is a ball that has a GPS unit. The GPS device usually maps the geographical locations where the device has been. This data of where the device has been is made available in exact time which is accessed through the internet.Global positioning system (GPS) tracker is a garget that uses positioning system to locate the exact location of an automobile, a person or another asset to which it is attached and to regular position recording of the asset. It does this, at regular time intervals. The recorded information is usually at the tracking unit within the system, or the data may be transmitted to a data base at a central place or location. Consequently the data may be connected to internet connected to a computer using a satellite modem in the system. Usually this will allow the garget geographical location is displayed against the map back drop. This technology of global positioning system is available for smartphone gargets which have GPS capability.The GPS system normally has GPS module which receives GPS signal and calculate the particular coordinates of the system. In the case of data loggers the system large memory capacity to efficiently store the coordinates. Data/ information pushers contains GPS modem to transfer this information to a computer either through SMS or though GPRS via IP packets.The GPS observation system the live temperature and 6/s time log decreases the monitoring intervals and provides accurate temperature data. Live observation


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