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Compose a 1000 words essay on Develpment of children. Needs to be plagiarism free!It also entails the background, organization of neurons in the brain and the assemblage and surfacing of new behaviors (Carol, 2000). This are considered as the central issues that are involved in developmental science. Therefore, the study of developmental science seeks to address the significant processes and levels that are correlated with the growth of an individual.The issues stated above can be addressed by investigating changes in basic perception, paying vital attention to changes that involve language abilities, observing the change involved in prenatal development and observing changes that are interconnected in the developmental theory through the use of mathematical models. This science tends to focus on these mechanisms which are the core factor in development (Carol, 2000). Finally, there is now another issue that can be added to the developmental science concept considering the fact that everything has been covered significantly.Question 2: Reflect on the relationship between biology and culture. How are biological and cultural foundations of development intertwined considering the&nbsp.genotype, phenotype, niche construction and ecological inheritance in the definition of&nbsp.the terms and their relevance to development, including examples to demonstrate a clear&nbsp.understanding? Likewise, what are material and symbolic tools of culture, and how do&nbsp.cultural factors pervasively involved in of all children’s experiences and development.&nbsp.Finally, describe the coevolving process in which culture and biology are actively&nbsp.interconnected. Provide an example to demonstrate a precise understanding of how they are&nbsp.intrinsically linked.Biology and culture are broadly correlated in that, culture, is a significant aspect which drives human development. For some background and definition of terminologies, one can clearly link the following terms with biology and culture. They are genotype,


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