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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Healthy deviance.My friends came to me thinking that I was not feeling well. They were confused why I chose not to do swimming that weekend or maybe was stressed up. I felt it was quite different too because swimming made me feel relaxed, but I could not disclose why was doing that. They pressured me to speak, but I told them to have some pneumonia and, therefore, the cold water could not be the best pleasuring thing to me that weekend. On Monday during lunch break I asked my friends how they felt and what they thought was wrong with me during that weekend. Almost half of my friends admitted the thought and feeling that I was sick because it was not normal for me to fail to do swimming. Their feelings compared to mine are exactly similar because I felt very different and odd of me to sit and watch my friends swim yet I was like their trainer. Felt Stigma is the social experience of shame, blame for oneself or others or neglect that one feels after deviation from a usual norm. Enacted stigma is the peoplesÂ’ perception of one’s deviation from a norm. I blamed myself for not spending my weekend in a happy mood by swimming, but rather making all my friends sympathize thinking something was wrong with me. I felt ashamed after making them realize later that Monday I was okay. Healthy deviance resonates with my experience in the sense that, though it was a positive change of my usual swimming activity so that I could learn about health deviance, the experience of shame and blame was because I found out that my friends care much about me than I earlier thought of them.


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