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Compose a 250 words assignment on internet political actions. Needs to be plagiarism free! Kellner and Kahn As seen in Durham &Kellne’s quote, “…Moreover, it is important to articulate internet politics with actually existing political struggles to malice techno-politics a major instrument of political action.…”, it is justified to argue that the internet plays a massive role in the political affairs of the day (601, par.3). With the campaigns of the hacktivists as Durham &Kellne indicates, one would argue that a lot still needs to be done to deal with hacking on the internet that leads to the spread of negative information (599). Since the internet is being used by the politicians, politics is spread on the internet, notably the Bush administration that used the internet to spread capitalism ideologies (Durham &Kellne 599). The internet has also been responsible for creating a community of opposition politics that represents a group of people that feel that their views are not listened to by the present governments. Technopolis is at its peak with the internet providing a chance for every individual to air their views. Through massive circulation the internet, there emerged an internet community that is well versed with the on-goings in the present-day political world (Durham &Kellne 601).


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