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One of the most controversial topics has to do with the connections between the war in Vietnam, the attitudes of the American public, and the way in which the media (especially television) portrayed the war. One thesis argued that the American public lost the will to support the war because of biased media coverage emphasizing its failures and the tragedy of lost lives. This thesis has not held up well among scholars, though it still has some currency in the general public. There is also renewed interest in how the media may influence attitudes toward war in the US since the conflict in Iraq began. One assessment of the role of the media is William Hammond’s article “The Press in Vietnam as an Agent of Defeat.” Your research project will test his analysis and allow you to draw your own (defensible and critical) conclusions about the impact of the media on the war in Vietnam by finding and evaluating nightly news broadcasts from the major networks of the time: NBC, CBS, ABC. You can find these broadcasts through google video, youtube, and other sites. It may help to use search terms such as “nightly news” as well as dates (“1965”) and events (“Tet Offensive”). You must find at least 12 videos that cover roughly the 1963-1973 period. You need enough good news broadcasts to identify consistent themes, changes over time, and perhaps even a surprise or two. Your assignment is to first read the Hammond pdf carefully. Then begin searching for, viewing, and analyzing nightly news videos to test Hammond’s conclusions. Your research narrative should be an evaluation of these two sets of material. Be sure to consider the following:What remained fairly constant in nightly news coverage of the war over this period? Provide support for this assessment. What changed over time in nightly news coverage of the war over this period? Provide support for this assessment. Is there evidence of a “pro-war” or “anti-war” bias in any of the videos? Give specific examples. Does the nightly news material confirm Hammond’s conclusions? Give specific examples. Does the nightly news material suggest that Hammond may be incorrect? Give specific examples.MUST DO BELOW.Make sure you provide links to all videos!Be sure to provide specific details or facts from the text to support your assertions and conclusions


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