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1.You are playing a board game with some friends in which each turn begins with rolling two dice. In this game, rolling “doubles”—the same number on both dice—is especially beneficial. You’ve rolled doubles on your last three turns, and one of your friends says, “No way you’ll roll doubles this time, it would be nearly impossible.” Explain to your friend what he doesn’t seem to understand about probability.2.A school’s debate club has 10 members, 6 females and 4 males. If the team decides to pick two members randomly to participate in a debate, what is the probability that both of the chosen members are female? We want to use simulation to estimate this probability. Describe the simulation procedure below, then use the random number table on the next page to carry out 10 trials of your simulation and estimate the probability. Mark on or above each line of the table so that someone can clearly follow your method


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