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Write 1 page essay on the topic Introduction.Being a federation that is made up of seven principalities, each emirate is governed by a hereditary emir from whom the Federal Supreme Council is ranked highest legislative and executive entity in the county. This means a constitutional monarchy, acting in the position of head of state, since its establishments in 1971.The judicial system of the United Arab Emirates is comprised of seven varied emirates. Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and Umm al Quwain, in addition to the Roman, French, Islamic and Egyptian laws. As is in the Constitution of the UAE, there is freedom of liberty, rule of law, equality, movement and speech. In the concept of the legal environment, Sharia is fundamental.Economic freedom index, rapid economic growth, penetration towards the economic diversification, and WTO and OPEC memberships are the key drivers of the economic trends of the UAE. Further still, the economic freedom index has resulted into substantial enhancements in business freedom, government spending management, monetary freedom, and freedom from


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