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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Cars and Environmental Pollution. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The automobile engineering industry has grown quite dynamic in the past few decades. Some of the transformations that have been experienced in the automobile industry are the development of solar and electric powered engines. The transformations are aimed at promoting clean environmental development and the efficient use of energy (Craddock, 2008). Apparently, the engineering field has embraced the new technology in developing environmentally friendly motor products. This focus of this report is to evaluate the use of alternative sources of energy to power cars and other automobile machinery.The technology used to manufacture cars that use alternative energy sources is more advanced than that used to make fossils fuel-powered cars. In essence, the level of skills and intellectual capacity used to make alternative energy-powered cars cannot compare to that of making fossils fuel-powered cars.Solar cars derive electricity from the sun. Modern technology has facilitated the development of solar-powered mobiles. In this case, the energy from the sun is trapped through solar panels and stored in car batteries. Afterward, the power is used to propel the engine light the motor cars headlights. The trapped energy is also used to power air conditioning devices and maintain the temperatures at the desired levels. In essence, the use of solar energy in the automobile industry is projected to continue rising in the future years due to the threat of exhaustion of fossil fuel.The use of electricity to power cars is another recent development in the automobile industry. Electric cars derive electricity from hydropower. The electrical cars have given way to hybrid cars. In essence, hybrid cars have been the most recent developments in the automobile industry. Hybrid cars use efficient energy storage devices for propulsion other than fossil fuel.


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