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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Educational Problems in Philosophical Perspective.John Dewey summarized this debate in his book Experience and Education (2007). According to Dewey the practical affairs at school surround the debate between the traditional and progressive education. The traditional view of education is based on the premise that education is a body of information and skills crafted in the past hence schools are supposed to transfer to the new generation (Dewey, 2007). Many develop standards in the past like moral training, such as developing habits in the students confirm to these rules.The normal pattern of a social institute is in sharp contrast to the schools. For instance one can imagine the environment in an ordinary schoolroom. It includes time schedules, classes, exams, rules etc. Hence there is a general pattern that is found in the organization. In comparison, the environment at home where families live and communicate with each other, is completely different from the picture of a school classroom just portrayed. Regardless of which side the debate goes there is no denying that the main aim of education is to equip the youth for future responsibilities. Education aims to make them successful in their lives. This is achieved through imprinting information and skills in the minds of students, whenever they are understanding any instructional material. However, there are certain dependent factors that come along with this approach.


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