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Chippy’s is a local manufacturer of potato chips. It is considering changing the packaging of its product. The original and the new packaging are described below.Original Packaging: The potato chips were packed in 8-ounce bags. Twenty-four 8-ounce bags were packed in cartons that were 12 inches by 12 inches by 36 inches. The packed carton weighed 14 pounds. Each 8 ounce bag of chips sells for 59 cents.New Packaging: Recently, the Chippy firm acquired rights to produce a new type of chip, made from powdered potatoes, yielding chips of identical shape that could be packed in tubular containers. The new chips were much less bulky: Twenty-four 5-ounce containers could be packed in a carton measuring one cubic foot (12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches). The filled carton weighed 10 pounds. Each 5-ounce tube of chips retails for 59 cents.One of Chippy’s own trucks, used for local deliveries, has two axles and an enclosed body measuring (inside) 7 feet (height) by 8 feet (width) by 20 feet (length) and is limited by law to carrying a load of no more than 8,000 pounds. Because the truck is not supposed to be overloaded, what combinations, expressed in terms of cartons of both new- and old-style chips can it legally carry?(The difference between the weight of chips and that of cartons is due to packaging materials. The carrier is paid on the basis of carton weight.)Question 2What is the $ value based on retail price of the chips that fit in the truck using the original packaging? Enter a number with 2 decimal places as your answer; do not type in a $ sign.Question 3How many cartons can fit in the truck using the new packaging?Question 4What is the $ value based on retail price of the chips that fit in the truck using the new packaging? Enter your answer as a number with 2 decimal places; do not type in the $ sign.


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