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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Implementation of Integrated Performance Management. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. TQM has a preventive approach and not a detective approach to work (Walton, 1986). It is a proactive system and not a passive one and stresses on removing the defect rather than just locating it. Deming (1986) and Walton (1986) both state that the detective systems have serious disadvantages. Firstly these are results and as such cannot help in the correction of past errors. Secondly, the greater loss is that due to errors the customer will be dissatisfied. Thirdly the direct cost of defect detection and later correction or replacement is doubled. Fourthly the human cost by way of fear of performance and loss of pride in workmanship is the greatest of all (Walton 1986). All this can be avoided by following the TQM process by not allowing a defective product or service to be sent from production lines. Obviously prevention is better than cure. Performance management should be understood as a tool for measuring corporate objectives and is calculable in tangible form in terms of outputs and finally deliverables to customers. The ultimate goal is to deliver total quality and 100 percent value to the end customer. (Zairi 1994) and this is the standard or benchmark of acceptable performance management that describes the optimum use of all resources. Zairi (1996) goes on to state that product life cycles are getting shorter making it imperative for organizations to turn to innovations with greater speed to remain effective in their markets. Decision making thus becomes dependant on quality assurance systems that provide the required information for these judgments. Performance management is therefore essential to evaluate the quality and to ensure acceptability by customers. According to Zairi and Youssef (1998) in the global context, today competition cannot be met with cost efficiency alone. Quality plays an equally important role in assessing competitiveness.


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