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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of economic articles. 2. If chemical companies set their plants in the U.S., the more than production and marketing costs could be minimized, especially if the target market is within the U.S. or nearby countries. In so doing, there is a possibility that trade relationships between the U.S. and EU with regards to shale gas or other alternative energy sources would be minimized. Looking at this perspective, it would be more beneficial to the U.S. since shale prices would be significantly minimized. while this would be detrimental to the EU for diminishing trade and export to US markets.3. The boom of production of natural gas in the US is seen to negatively impact EU, especially those countries identified to previous export shale gas to the US market. With more chemical companies opting to explore the potentials in the US, the EU economy could be foreseen to worsen due to the negative impact of lesser exports and potential reliance or dependence on the Russians as a supplier of natural gas (Torello).1. The current status of the U.S. economy significantly affects global trade in terms of contributing to increases in exports or imports, as continually affected by external forces. As such, it was evident in the article that the U.S. economy is not the contributory steering force that shapes the global economy, but rather, economic developments in both China and South Korea could be the dominant influencing factor.2. The role of the Federal Bank in the U.S. in enhancing economic growth and allowing country developments remains paramount through the provision of financial support that is instrumental for global trade.&nbsp.


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