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Hi. I need help with b, c and dI tried doing b but it’s wrong. Can someone help me ? ThanksAttachment 1Attachment 220 . Properties of a Buffer The amino acid glycine is oftenused as the main ingredient of a buffer in biochemical experi -ments . The amino group of glycine , which has a pKa of 9. 6, canexist either in the protonated form ( – NH3 ) or as the free base( – NH 2 ) , because of the reversible equilibriumR – NH }~_ R – NH 2 + H *( 2 ) In what PH range can glycine be used as an effectivebuffer due to its amino group ?( b ) In 2 0. I’M solution of glycine at PH 9. 0 , what fraction ofglycine has its amino group in the – NHI’ form ?( C ) How much 5 M KOH must be added to 1. 0 1. of O. I’Mglycine at PH 9. 0 to bring its PHI to exactly 10. 0 ?`( d ) When 9.9% of the glycine is in its – NH; form , what isthe numerical relation between the PHI of the solution and theOK, of the amino group ?


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