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Need an research paper on madeline leininger. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. SUMMARY: EVOLUTION OF TRANSCULTURAL NURSING EVOLUTION OF TRANSCULTURAL NURSING The article, Evolution of transcultural nursing, is authored by Dr. Madeline Leininger with the theme of explaining the route taken by the nursing profession as it breaks cultural barriers. In the article the author describes the major phases and obstacle that occurred during the evolution of transcultural nursing for the last fifty years. Additionally, persistent and remarkable leaders have been recognized who made worth mentioning contributions to the fieldIn the first phase, the author states that nurses should become aware of the significance of nurses operating across cultural divisions in order to serve patients of diverse culture. In this case, she explains how the disciplines of nursing and anthropology should be merged to allow nurses live and work comfortably in areas with unique cultural practices.The second important stage was to institute educational programs and courses to prepare nurses in the new restraint. In this, the author argues that nurses must gain knowledge and skills essential for the new principles, concepts, and features in order to guide their actions and thinking.The article emphasizes on educating nurses and preparing leaders in this discipline. In this case, the author comments that the nursing discipline has been insignificantly explored for a long time and hence nurses require adequate training in the new concept. Additionally, the article has suggested that the field of knowledge be basing and grounding on documented research. Other steps suggested in the article include extensive research, establishing generalists and specialist, and formulating strategies to support the discipline. In conclusion, the article has predicted that the nursing discipline will continue to grow worldwide and many more penetrations to support transcultural nursing. Reference Bryant, T. (2009). Transcultural Nursing : NY Scholars Press.


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