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Hi, I need help with essay on Applied Construction Management. Paper must be at least 3500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The car park will have the entrance the exit gates which will all face the main road. The entrance to the car parking will be from the side of Ragian Road with the exit being placed on the side of Rampart Road. The parking for the disabled people will be on the ground floor and to the left side of the entrance. The parking for other people will be on towards the right of the entrance and they will be able to park from the second to the third floor. Additionally, the car park will have surveillance cameras that will be placed on both the entrance towards Ragian and at the exit towards the Rampart road. Other surveillance cameras will be place at each parking section with the control room located at the third floor of the building (Oyedele, Ajayi and Kadiri, 2014).The building will have four floors. The last floor will act as offices for executives and other people. The car park apartment will be painted blue green which are the company colours. Barriers will also be placed at the entrance and the exit to control traffic as well as acting as security control. The barriers will be manned by the personnel at the control room as well as the personnel located at both the entrance and the exit. The painting will be done by the Solai painters with the lighting system being conducted by the Harold lights. The lighting system will be fixed to all floors as well as the parking sections. The lighting system will be raised to ensure that all the area in the park is well lit. The other issue that the contractor will take care of is the signage that will be located on the various sections of the park with an aim of giving direction to the people who will be visiting the park (Bennett and Ormerod, 2011). The park will have signs that will show directions as well as the points of services.The contactor will ensure that the work


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