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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Skin put.The basic reason behind this research analysis was to take the opinion of the public about the product.The results of the research study are showing the concerns of the people regarding the skinput technology. Most of the young people are supporting it whereas some other critics are also augmenting on the sensitivity of the skinput technology. Mostly people are of the opinion that this gadget is useful and easy to use for giving commands etc. The level of creativity and innovation is very high in this Microsoft product Skinput. Despite all such advantages people argue that the price of the technology is high. They may not be able to afford it. The cost aspect is very important from both sides, i.e. customer and the company (Beirut 1).Many of the critics also argue that the health issues related to the technology. Initially the mobile phone technology also faced many argument regarding harmful rays and signals, which may disturb the natural audible sense of a person. It is the case with this Microsoft’s skinput technology. People are very much concerned that either it would harm the body or not. Obviously when the device is directly connected to the human body, the people may get suspicious about its effects.Some people also argue on the small size of the skinput device. The small size of the device may reduce the function ability of the product. The skinput device as compare to other digital devices, which are larger and thus provide a wide space for the viewers, may irritate people.In order to make the product more popular and famous in the public the marketing managers must focus on the advertising and promotion of the technology. The product will be successful when people will replace their existing mobile phones with this skinput technology. A true advertising campaign actually gives benefit when people perceive the specific product as the necessary item of their


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