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Need an argumentative essay on Toms shoes. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.By offering charity products profits increased. For 2011 alone, TOM’S shoes revenues from selling its shoes and eye care products amounted to $ 110 billion (Fashionbi, 2012). The products include black canvas, Argentina, and winter shoes. TOM’s Shoes’ revenues ensure free eye care to the needy. The corporate customers are all global groups, include those in Cambodia, India and Ethiopia. The distribution partners include SEVA, Visualiza and Childsight.Q3. TOMS shoes’ work strategy is to give away free shoes to the needy children (Youtube, 2013). For every shoe sold in TOM’s Shoes stores, one shoe is given free to the needy children around the world. Domestically, the company gives free shoes to the needy children of the 50 states. In addition, the company delivers free shoes needy children internationally, including Guatemala, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, and Pakistan. The benefits of giving away shoes and eyeglasses include making meaning in everyone’s lives, givers and receivers. With the donors’ helping Mycoskie, the poor children wear free shoes. With free shoes, the needy children can walk more comfortably and safely to school and other nearby locations. The company delivers the free shoes to giving partners. The giving partners identify and deliver the free shoes, eyeglasses and eye operations to needy children.Q4. Blake Mycoskie’s principles of entrepreneurship include creating demand for its quality products and services (TOMS, 2014). Mycoskie learned that business should be pure for profit and not for profit entities can engage in profit-generating activities. TOM’s Shoes both generates profits and contributes to charitable activities. Mycoskie’s management discipline is grounded on delivering quality shoe and eyeglass products and services. Mycoskie insists that resourcefulness (looking for eager donors of shoes and eye glass) and simplicity (delivering quality products and


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